Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Start Of Something New After An Inspiring Day At The Beach

Here's my progress from that inspiring day on the beach; Pattern will be titled 'Captain's Wreck On Lobster Island'. Also inspired by the multi/speckle yarn by My Mama Knits called 'Change Lobsters Again'. Very soft and lovely to work with! The peeks of pale turquoise are the beginnings of a gradient by Wollelfe. 2 very different indie dyer styles but can be paired together to create some stunning effects! You'll see more soon! (Cream is an undyed gold sparkle)

So I raided my bead stash and the vision was ready to be created using a 4.50mm hook (I crochet tightly, so the written pattern will say 3.50mm). It didn't quite work up as I initially envisaged, so I frogged, then set down the multiple-yarn-wrapped cake on my workspace. As it turns out, my workspace is also used as a dining table, laundry pile-up area and more. I promise I did not set this following picture up... I had put the yarn cake on my outfit that I had got ready for that evening's trip to the beach and just look how the colours and textures played out. Stunning! A good sign that although I had frogged, it was the right thing to do and I was making progress...

Beading working up nicely...

This is when I knew I was on the right road... the combination of yarn colour and stitch is beautiful (tweed stitch)

Keep posted for more updates soon!

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