Thursday 16 March 2017

Creative Contentment - Quiz: What Kind Of Yarn Crafter Are You?

Hello you lovely lot!

Following on from my earlier post, ‘Creative Contentment – When Making Resolutions’, I am sharing with you all my journey of becoming the happiest, most fulfilled version of my creative self, in the hopes that you will join me and we can make this journey together.
I’m calling it ‘Creative Contentment’ and would love for you to get in touch and share your experiences and ideas with me:
I am on Instagram @lorrainepughdesigns
(for a bit of fun, let’s use the hashtag #creativecontentment)
Ravelry ID: lorrainepugh
There is also a group on ravelry, linked here:
And a Facebook Page:
Plus, a Facebook Group where you can share your makes and chatter with like-minded makers:

So, on to my latest thoughts… in one of my early videos, I think it was Episode 2, I shared my experience of taking an online personality quiz, initially for fun, however it resulted in me learning a lot about myself (for example why I always used to drink alcohol at social gatherings – see more in my previous post ‘Prosperity Is Within Us’). After seeing said video, a lovely friend I met over on Instagram decided to take the test, and she too, found incredible insight into her inner workings as well.
Now, I’m no expert on personalities, but I have done a little research and I’ve put together this short, simple (and hopefully fun!) test. I have designed it specifically with us yarn-loving folk in mind and please remember it’s not to be taken too seriously. There are 16 different outcomes, which will give you an idea of what comes most naturally for you, however after reading your result, you might find it interesting to have a read of the other 15 outcomes. You might find you can relate to some of the descriptions within them, after all, we’re all unique in our own way. I’m also a big believer in stepping outside of our comfort zones and obtaining an understanding of other people, this is what makes us more rounded, well-balanced and compassionate people, in my opinion.
I could go on, but I’ll leave those thoughts for the next blog post!
So grab a pen and paper and without further ado, I give you…

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